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More success at the 2010 Scottish Advertising Awards

Posted by family on October 8, 2010  |   Comments Off on More success at the 2010 Scottish Advertising Awards

Another year, another knees up. And happily, and more importantly, more awards. We don’t take ourselves seriously but we do take our work seriously. So, it’s always pleasing when your work is recognised by your peers as being amongst the best of the year.

What got what then?

Our Overgate ‘12 Mums of Christmas’ got two great awards, Best Outdoor Campaign and Best Art Direction. While our IOU ad for the Scottish Conservatives won the best 48 or 96 sheet poster and was Commended as a Public Sector ad. Last but not least, our Scottish Design Awards film ‘Choose your weapon’ was nominated.

So, a great night and a late night and a slightly fuzzy head in the morning. Now, onto next year; you’re only as good as your last ad, as they say.

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