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Get LinkedIn with Family’s workshops

Posted by family on January 28, 2011  |   Comments Off on Get LinkedIn with Family’s workshops

Want to know how to harness the power of LinkedIn? family is hosting two invaluable LinkedIn workshops on Wednesday 23rd February at 11am and 2.30pm. Two of the UK’s leading exponents of LinkedIn will be holding these unique training sessions:

Adam Gordon – an expert in LinkedIn training and strategy development who works with clients such as KPMG, BDO, Baker Tilly, Standard Life, BSkyB and British Council “to help their most senior executives create superb new business opportunities using LinkedIn.”

Paul McComish – CEO of McComish Group (Property & Insurance Reinstatement Services). One of the earliest adopters of LinkedIn in the UK; an expert user.

The workshops will cover everything from:

  • Reasons for using LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn strategy development
  • How best to attract prospective customers and get yourself higher in search listings than your competitors
  • Who to connect with and why, and how to approach people you don’t know
  • LinkedIn Groups: which are best to join, how best to use them, and how to effectively build your own
  • Techniques for using LinkedIn as a database for market research (Over 80m people have a LinkedIn profile).

If you are interested in taking part please get in touch now.

BBC Scotland News in the news

Posted by family on January 28, 2011  |   Comments Off on BBC Scotland News in the news

family has created a new campaign to promote BBC Scotland’s News offering, using 48 sheets, taxi wraps & tip up seats and digital ads. The creative approach explores the end result of BBC Scotland’s approach to journalism: the exploration, the gathering of information, the analysis, detail and knowledge.  The result is that the audience feels ‘closer’ to the stories because they have been given a more comprehensive explanation of them by the presenters/journalists.

BBC poster

BBC Poster 02

BBC poster 03

Care Visions fostering finds Family

Posted by family on January 28, 2011  |   Comments Off on Care Visions fostering finds Family

We’d like to welcome a very special new client on board for family – Care Visions Fostering. Did you know that more than three quarters of children who have been in residential care and/or multiple fostering homes before their 16th birthday will have a criminal conviction by the age of 22? And almost a third will have spent time in prison? This has a lot to do with the lack of stability in their care.

With a powerful new Scotland-wide press and poster campaign, Care Visions Fostering, based in Stirling, are seeking to help remedy this situation by recruiting new foster carers.

There is a public misconception that it is the archetypal family unit in suburbia that are the target audience.  However, people who are single, divorced, or living in a council home are just as promising candidates – it is often better if they have had a bit of adversity in life as they can empathise/relate to the children more easily.

We hope our work will resonate with our target audience – and help give children in Scotland a more stable upbringing. And for once, give them hope in their lives.

Care Visions poster for Scottish Sun

Care Visions 6-sheet poster campaign

Care Visions 6-sheet version 2

Family – The ideal home for Springside

Posted by family on January 28, 2011  |   Comments Off on Family – The ideal home for Springside

family has been appointed by Fountain North Ltd, a joint venture between Grosvenor, AMA Homes and RBS, to the marketing and communications of Springside, Edinburgh. Springside is the largest urban regeneration project to take place in Edinburgh for over 50 years. It will breath new life into the Fountainbridge area offering over 600 new homes, 140,000 sq ft of commercial space, shops and facilities set in an eight acre landscape of parks and open spaces.

Ian Wright of family said, “We’re delighted to be given the chance to work on such a major project. Our bold and fresh approach will be revealed over the coming months.”

Springside will link together surrounding communities and regenerate an area that has been excluded from the urban fabric of Edinburgh for more that 150 years. It heralds a new chapter in the story of the Fountainbridge area. family has been tasked with putting Springside firmly on the Edinburgh map, and promoting it as a vibrant, cool and desirable place to live and work for thousands of people. There’s a two-pronged approach: to raise awareness of Springside and create a desirable new community coupled with the task of creating an identity and sales tools for the residential apartments. The campaign will roll out over the next 5 years of the development’s life with the core proposition of Springside being the catalyst for Fountainbridge becoming a new and desirable place to live in the heart of the city.
springside development in edinburgh

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