Giving a relationship charity its spark back

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Towards the end of last year, Family was approached by relationship charity, Scottish Marriage Care.

Originally founded in 1965 as a Catholic marriage counselling organisation, the charity has since moved with the times to offer support and guidance for all sorts of different relationships. As a result, their name and brand became inconsistent with their more inclusive offering.

That’s where Family came in.

We were challenged to develop a fresh new brand identity for the charity – one that would accurately reflect their character and offering.

It was established that people come to the relationship charity for help, not only because they recognise that ‘the spark’ has gone, but because they realise it is worth getting back. The charity’s services aim to improve people’s relationships bringing couples, friends, and families closer together. They help to spark conversations, spark changes, and spark lost connections. They make relationships work.

Following this line of thinking, the new identity was born:

The Spark
Making relationships work

In terms of the visual identity, Family designed a contemporary and vibrant logo, with coloured circles symbolising two people coming together to form a relationship. Sometimes the circles are very close; sometimes they are further apart – just like real people and real relationships.

The Spark - Making Relationships Work - Logo

We also shot bespoke down-to-earth photography for use throughout the new marketing communications, which aims to reflect the variety of different people and relationships supported by the charity.

To kick things off, Family created a strong outdoor and online advertising campaign, showing off The Spark’s new identity and driving traffic to their shiny new responsive website – also developed by Family.

In line with the client’s launch event on 29th January, we booked an advan to tour the streets of Glasgow on the days that followed. As a little extra surprise, we arranged for it to be parked outside The Spark’s office during the event – giving staff and guests a fab photo opportunity as they left the building. Then, throughout February, eye-catching 48-sheet posters adorned the streets of Glasgow and West Central Scotland.

This offline activity was supported by a month’s worth of Google Adwords and display network advertising, which utilised channel, contextual, and semantic targeting to reach relevant audiences throughout Scotland.

In addition, Family designed a range of branded collateral, including stationery, folders, business cards, A4 posters, and leaflets.

Results so far have been fantastic. Calls to The Spark’s ‘Relationship Helpline’ have significantly increased, as have bookings for counselling appointments. Taking a look at website analytics, unique visit and total visit figures for February 2014 are both more than double what they were for February last year. Even comparing February 2014 to January 2014, unique visits are up 76% and total visits are up 62%.

The team at The Spark has been receiving plenty of positive feedback on their new identity, and morale is high.

Stella Gibson, Chief Executive of The Spark, says:

“From the very beginning we had very high expectations of Family, and I have to say our expectations were met. The decision to rebrand was probably one of the most important decisions we have made in recent years, so there was a massive amount of pressure to get it right. We worked with a fantastic team, who took the time to build a solid relationship with our organisation, which made it easier to ‘trust the process’. We now have a brand that reflects who we are and is already creating new opportunities for us. We are The Spark.”

We’re confident this is the start of a beautiful relationship.

To check out The Spark’s new website and find out more about their services, visit

The Foundry breaks the mould

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The Foundry at Springside

Following a sell-out first phase of apartments, The Foundry at Springside has now successfully rented out its second phase in less than 4 months.

Developed by our client, Grosvenor, the 46 high spec apartments were released in August 2013, geared exclusively towards the private rental sector.

Grosvenor recognises that, today, people value choice more than ever. They want flexibility – to be able to move around and travel the world. But they also want the best.

To meet this demand, Grosvenor decided to bring something different to the market: a trusted and credible landlord offering flexible longer-term lettings, with exemplary customer service and a high quality product. Rental packages were tailored to suit individual requirements, with options including furnishings, parking, and different lease lengths.

Working closely with Grosvenor and their lettings agent, DJ Alexander, Family created a campaign identity and provided a clear communications plan with a focus on the media channels that proved most effective during the previous phase. Activity kicked off with a highly successful teaser campaign offering a pre-registration opportunity, which generated numerous notes of interest. Communications included an attractive new brochure, outdoor signage, a well-targeted email marketing campaign, and PPC advertising.

The Foundry Rental Campaign

The rental move was a first of this nature for Grosvenor in Scotland, and the response has been astounding. All 15 apartments in the first stair pre-let 2 weeks prior to completion, enabling early release of the second stair, and all 46 had been snapped up by the end of the year.

The Foundry forms part of the wider £200-million Springside development in Fountainbridge. When complete, Springside will consist of over 600 new homes, office space and shops, all set in 8 acres of landscaped grounds. To find out more about Springside and keep up to date on future activity, visit

Say hello to The Whisky Sauce Co.

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Here at family HQ, we’ve been working our socks off rebranding a small business from the heart of Tayside. When Scomac contacted us with a scrumptious range of sweet and savoury whisky sauces, we set about building a brand that would reflect their excellent products and position them as a brand to be coveted by consumers and stockists alike.
We created the packaging, e-commerce website, stationery, social media strategy, and point of sale, including posters, recipe cards, and pop-up banners.
Here’s a peek at some of the design work that we’ve produced so far:
Whisky Sauce 4 Pack
To find out what family could do for you, contact Ian Wright on 0131 553 8666

The ultimate in child safety, and pure effectiveness… in a basket

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Bitrex, produced by our client Macfarlan Smith, is the world’s most bitter substance. Adding just a tiny amount of Bitrex to potentially harmful everyday products makes them extremely unpalatable – and a lot safer. If a child were to try to eat or drink something containing Bitrex, chances are they would immediately spit it back out again.

Back in 2011, the automotive sector was identified as a key target for Bitrex, because of the dangers presented by screen wash and anti-freeze. Vital for winter safety, these products can simultaneously be highly dangerous in the hands of children.

Towards the end of 2011, we posted the news that – as a direct result of our ‘child’s picnic basket’ direct mail piece targeting this market – Halfords were soon to begin including Bitrex in their own-label screen wash.

Bitrex Picnic Baskets

We also added that this unique and attention-grabbing mailer had opened doors to approximately 85% of the UK car care retail market, and that meetings were taking place with a number of other leading retailers and manufacturers.

Well, fast-forward two years and here is how far Bitrex have come in the UK car care market:

– Halfords includes Bitrex in its own-label screen wash and antifreeze product ranges.

– Wilkinson has added Bitrex to its own-label screen wash range.

– Bluecol 3-in-1 screen wash now contains Bitrex.

– Holt Lloyd recently launched Bitrex in its full Prestone car care range (screen wash, anti-freeze, de-icer) and Tesco own-label screen wash.

Bitrex and Halfords
Bitrex and Prestone

Thanks initially to the door-opening DM developed by Family, Bitrex is changing the face of retailers’ car care shelves throughout the UK.

In fact, impact extends well beyond the boundaries of Britain, as the updated Prestone car care products are soon to be rolled out in 16 different countries across Europe – from Italy to Finland; Russia to France.

With Family’s help, Macfarlan Smith has begun making huge strides in helping protect children against accidental poisoning – convincing more and more manufacturers and retailers to add Bitrex their products.

Stay tuned as progress continues, both in the automotive sector and beyond…

For more information on Bitrex, visit

Fountainbridge comes alive in print

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Fountainbridge Brochure

Take a walk along Fountainbridge and you will find Springside, a £200-million regeneration project currently in development, which, when complete, will provide over 600 new homes and 140,000 sq ft of office space and shops set in 8 acres of landscaped grounds.

The brainchild of international property developers Grosvenor Britain & Ireland, Springside currently comprises of The Foundry – a five-storey building offering brand new luxury 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments.

With marketing communications provided by Family, Grosvenor saw The Foundry’s first phase of 42 apartments sell out in less than 15 months.

Now, to capitalise on the rising demand for high quality rental accommodation in Edinburgh, the second phase has been launched for rent – and the apartments are being snapped up fast.

One hurdle we’ve found along the way, however, has been public perceptions of Fountainbridge. Fountainbridge is truly an up-and-coming area, with a lively local community, an array of stylish cafes, bars and bistros opening up, and Edinburgh’s bustling financial district just next door. But research showed a lack of awareness of this, and – most importantly – of Fountainbridge’s close proximity to the city centre.

We recognised that correcting these misconceptions constituted too much to fit into an ad campaign, so instead proposed an attractive, high quality brochure to inform readers of all that Fountainbridge has to offer, and go hand-in-hand with communications specific to Springside and The Foundry.

Fountainbridge Brochure

The resultant 36-page brochure, entitled ‘Fountainbridge Comes Alive’ to tie in with Springside’s strap-line, details the developments taking place in Fountainbridge (with particular emphasis on Springside, of course), the various places to eat and drink, nearby entertainment venues and facilities, area maps, travel information, plus positive quotes from local residents and business owners.

The brochure will be distributed via The Foundry’s Marketing Suite and throughout local businesses and venues, and is being handed out to prospective tenants along with The Foundry’s new rental brochure (also created by Family).

Rob Trotter from DJ Alexander, letting agent for The Foundry, commented:

“This is absolutely first class. Clearly a huge amount of thought and effort has gone into this and the result really does show Fountainbridge to be an extremely desirable place to live. No other rental properties in Edinburgh have ever had this level of promotion. Well done.”

For more information on Springside and The Foundry, visit

Traffic stoppers – Family launches campaign for Crimestoppers UK

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Crimestoppers House of Lords AdvanIt’s been a heck of month at family, working on the launch of Crimestoppers’ most ambitious campaign to date – propelling them into the spotlight with an impressive event at the House of Lords. Coinciding with their 25th anniversary, the campaign will be composed of several phases.

The first phase commenced with a reminder to the general public of the exceptionally valuable work undertaken by the charity. Over the past 25 years, the public’s calls have resulted in:

£293 million worth of drugs seized


One person every week is charged with murder


22 people arrested every day


£125 million of property recovered.


Another important message of the campaign was one of anonymity when contacting Crimestoppers. Our market research revealed that many people were concerned about calling the charity, over fears of being traced. We needed to dispel this misconception. We devised a powerful cinema commercial using Brian Cox as a voiceover to thank people for their calls while reinforcing the message of anonymity.

The UK-wide campaign features outdoor, press, radio, cinema and digital marketing, in addition to being supported by PR and regional activity.

Crimestoppers Telephone Box

To find out more about Crimestoppers, please visit or visit them on Twitter or Facebook.

Business for Britain. And family.

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Business for Britain
Business for Britain is a business lobby group, composed of business leaders and entrepreneurs who are responsible for millions of British jobs. They believe that the Government is right to seek a new deal for the EU and for the UK’s role in Europe.

With our vast experience in political advertising and lobbying, it was no wonder Matthew Elliott and Dylan Sharpe at Business for Britain asked family to help launch their campaign.

We produced a DPS for City A.M. showing over 500 business leaders and entrepreneurs who endorsed Business for Britain.

To find out more, visit

Online and on-brand with Martin & Frost

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Martin and Frost Website imageAt the end of June, in line with the start of their 2013 Summer Sale, Family launched a brand new website for Martin & Frost.

The brief was to produce a website that reflected the high quality of Martin & Frost’s in-store offering and do the brand justice in the digital sphere.

We found the client a cost-effective solution to improve their online presence and give a greater sense of the ranges and variety on offer in store, without the heavy financial outlay of building a full online catalogue and shop.

Gary O’Donnell, Managing Director at Martin & Frost, said:

“Family was appointed to create a new website for Martin & Frost which fully reflected the brand values of the company. I am delighted to say the team at Family understood our requirements creatively and commercially. We have already received a positive response from customers.”

Martin & Frost has been a client of Family’s since our inception and it is great to be expanding our remit with them.

We are now also in the process of developing a similar new site for their sister company, Archibalds, which is based in Aberdeen.

Please take a moment to visit Martin & Frost’s new site here:

Thinking like a toddler

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Washing up liquids, laundry detergents, bathroom and kitchen cleaners – such items are common to every household. And when young children are about, we all know to keep these products stored safely away, out of sight and reach.

But sometimes this isn’t enough. Until the day parents really do grow eyes on the back of their heads, there will always be moments when backs are turned and a little one manages to get their hands on something they shouldn’t.

This is where Bitrex can save the day. It is officially the most bitter substance in the world, and its inclusion in potentially harmful everyday household and garden products makes them extremely unpalatable – and a lot safer. If a child were to put something containing Bitrex in their mouth, they would almost immediately spit it back out.

Thanks to a mix of advertising (courtesy of Family, of course), PR and word-of-mouth, consumer awareness of Bitrex is now higher than ever. More and more parents and carers of young children are learning about Bitrex and the extra level of safety and reassurance it offers.

And, following our highly regarded ‘picnic basket’ direct mail piece targeting the car care sector last year, 2012 has also seen a great deal of success with manufacturers and retailers adding Bitrex to their screen wash and antifreeze products.

To help keep this momentum going, and keep consumer awareness on the rise, Family has now created a new consumer print campaign, which pays tribute to Alice in Wonderland as it conveys how toddlers may see potentially harmful everyday cleaning products.

These products, with their brightly coloured labels, eye-catching packaging and tempting smells, appear dangerously delicious to the untrained eye. Is it a laundry detergent, or a strawberry milkshake? A bottle of washing up liquid, or fruity juice? A tub of liquitabs, or a box of gloriously squishy jelly sweets?

Two executions have been created for the campaign – ‘Drink Me’ and ‘Eat Me’ – which each centre around a striking, self-explanatory image that negates the need for a headline. The new campaign will be making its first appearance next month, and will roll out in press, on posters and online over the coming months.

Bringing a new festival to life

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St Andrews Voices Brochure

Earlier this month saw the very first year of Scotland’s newest vocal music festival: St Andrews Voices.

Located in the beautiful and world famous university town of St Andrews, the festival played host to an eclectic range of top quality performers from a wide variety of music genres. The impressive four-day programme included world-renowned tenor Ian Bostridge singing Schubert’s Winterreise, a capella hip-hop from vocal quintet The Boxettes, 1930s Berlin cabaret from Company Chordelia, Scottish Opera highlights, and more.

Family has been working with St Andrews Voices since April 2011, and is responsible for the festival’s logo and brand identity, and all its marketing communications.

The first task was, of course, to come up with an identity for the new festival. The logo was designed with the festival’s two key selling points in mind: its high calibre music offering, and its location. The ‘Is it a bird? Is it a mouth?’ motif concisely indicates the soaring voices of the festival and the soaring sea birds of St Andrews. In addition, beautiful shots of crashing waves and seaside are used throughout the design work to evoke a mood and reflect the coastal landscape of St Andrews.

During the past year, we have developed a whole host of print communications for the festival, including launch event invitations, patron scheme leaflets, pop-up banners, brochures, posters, flyers, branded t-shirts, a large PVC banner for outside the main venue, and the 36-page festival programme.

In terms of a digital offering, we created a website landing page, HTML e-newsletters, and then the festival’s full website, which launched in July this year.

By all accounts, St Andrews Voices’ inaugural year – which took place between the 18th and 21st of October – was a great success. The performances have received fantastic reviews, and our work has been met with considerable praise and positive feedback.

We’re delighted that the festival has launched so successfully, and are very much looking forward to St Andrews Voices 2013.

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