Giving a relationship charity its spark back

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Towards the end of last year, Family was approached by relationship charity, Scottish Marriage Care.

Originally founded in 1965 as a Catholic marriage counselling organisation, the charity has since moved with the times to offer support and guidance for all sorts of different relationships. As a result, their name and brand became inconsistent with their more inclusive offering.

That’s where Family came in.

We were challenged to develop a fresh new brand identity for the charity – one that would accurately reflect their character and offering.

It was established that people come to the relationship charity for help, not only because they recognise that ‘the spark’ has gone, but because they realise it is worth getting back. The charity’s services aim to improve people’s relationships bringing couples, friends, and families closer together. They help to spark conversations, spark changes, and spark lost connections. They make relationships work.

Following this line of thinking, the new identity was born:

The Spark
Making relationships work

In terms of the visual identity, Family designed a contemporary and vibrant logo, with coloured circles symbolising two people coming together to form a relationship. Sometimes the circles are very close; sometimes they are further apart – just like real people and real relationships.

The Spark - Making Relationships Work - Logo

We also shot bespoke down-to-earth photography for use throughout the new marketing communications, which aims to reflect the variety of different people and relationships supported by the charity.

To kick things off, Family created a strong outdoor and online advertising campaign, showing off The Spark’s new identity and driving traffic to their shiny new responsive website – also developed by Family.

In line with the client’s launch event on 29th January, we booked an advan to tour the streets of Glasgow on the days that followed. As a little extra surprise, we arranged for it to be parked outside The Spark’s office during the event – giving staff and guests a fab photo opportunity as they left the building. Then, throughout February, eye-catching 48-sheet posters adorned the streets of Glasgow and West Central Scotland.

This offline activity was supported by a month’s worth of Google Adwords and display network advertising, which utilised channel, contextual, and semantic targeting to reach relevant audiences throughout Scotland.

In addition, Family designed a range of branded collateral, including stationery, folders, business cards, A4 posters, and leaflets.

Results so far have been fantastic. Calls to The Spark’s ‘Relationship Helpline’ have significantly increased, as have bookings for counselling appointments. Taking a look at website analytics, unique visit and total visit figures for February 2014 are both more than double what they were for February last year. Even comparing February 2014 to January 2014, unique visits are up 76% and total visits are up 62%.

The team at The Spark has been receiving plenty of positive feedback on their new identity, and morale is high.

Stella Gibson, Chief Executive of The Spark, says:

“From the very beginning we had very high expectations of Family, and I have to say our expectations were met. The decision to rebrand was probably one of the most important decisions we have made in recent years, so there was a massive amount of pressure to get it right. We worked with a fantastic team, who took the time to build a solid relationship with our organisation, which made it easier to ‘trust the process’. We now have a brand that reflects who we are and is already creating new opportunities for us. We are The Spark.”

We’re confident this is the start of a beautiful relationship.

To check out The Spark’s new website and find out more about their services, visit

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