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Online marketing is fast becoming the weapon of choice for many brands and our marketeers, creatives, planners and producers at Family are on the front line when it comes to making a noise that gets results.

Online display advertising
As well as traditional placement of online media we at Family are always looking for new ways to target new people, and more importantly, the right people in more creative ways. So whether it’s contextual targeting, above the fold placement, re-marketing or rich media our aim is to make your advertising more relevant and personal which inevitably leads to greater returns.

Email marketing
While it still holds true that eCRM may be a fairly efficient, low cost method to get your offers and messages out there, its effectiveness will vary greatly depending on the creative execution. At Family we create compelling campaigns that focus the message to a single offering and then use personalised targeting to tailor each campaign accordingly. Our post campaign statistical analysis also allows us to further refine and define objectives and messages for future campaigns. eCRM isn’t about shouting at your audience it’s about talking and more importantly listening.

Did you know that google changes at least one element of it’s search algorithm every day? For any business or brand an effective SEO / SEM strategy can be worth it’s weight in gold and provide a valuable and cost effective revenue stream. As part of our complete solution we offer SEO and PPC as a service from planning to implementation to analysis and reporting.

Social Media marketing
According to latest reports 84% of digital marketers’ use Social media as part of the marketing mix with 71% citing brand building as the number one objective. With almost 30% of the world’s population online and more than 500 million global facebook users it’s no surprise that Social networks and micro-blogging (eg Twitter) have become powerful marketing tools for brands. With our extensive experience in Social media we create engaging campaigns that spark conversations, build brand awareness and drive acquisition.

So whether it’s SEO / SEM, eCRM, Social Media marketing, rich media online advertising, viral marketing or affiliate marketing get in touch and we’ll help you cut through the online noise, create meaningful and powerful conversations with your customers and help create brand advocates who’ll market your brand for you.

For more information contact John Macdougall on +44 (0) 131 553 8666 or email

Family Online Marketing Portfolio
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