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Family Strategy and Planning Portfolio

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You get back, what you put in. This has never been more true in the case of planning. At family we take time to unearth the insights (often referred to as the ‘golden nuggets’) that make all the difference to the brief. As part of any strategic planning, we interrogate the marketplace and target consumers to really understand what makes them tick. Working with our research partner Kirsty Evans and we can conduct independent research from small creative qualitative groups to big quantitative studies. Desk research and go old fashioned ‘street interviews’ can also help with the process, which can all be handled in-house.

Working with our Clients, our strategic planning is second to none. We are thorough, lateral in our thinking and above all commercially minded. We find this smart thinking really does make all the difference to the effectiveness and creativity of our work. Reassuringly, our clients agree.

Family Strategy and Planning Portfolio
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