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why family?

Family is a highly experienced, brand & creative consultancy headed up by Ian Wright, David Isaac and Kevin Bird. To meet a growing demand, our set up is flexible.



You can choose to work with us as Family: where, for a select number of clients, we help their brands deliver exceptional results in their respective markets.


Or you can choose to work with us on projects using our individual skills: or Kevin and David as an award-winning creative team.



Whichever you choose, we have a proven track record of working with clients: as well as enjoying successful collaborations with digital, design and media agencies.


Global insights
And if that wasn’t enough, as founder members of Tribe Global, we have unique access to business insights and communication specialists from all around the world.


We’re Family. You’ll enjoy working with us - whichever way you choose.

why family?

Our experience gives you excellence in thought,
in creativity and in execution:
and leads to exceptional results.

what we do

Many clients that come to us have poorly defined brands that lack differentiation. Through our brand workshops, we push and challenge you to find your own individual brand truth. (We’ve seen far too many planning documents that are too ‘same old, same old’.)
We want to get to the heart of your brand, find out what sets it apart. Once we uncover your brand, we tell its story in a unique and compelling way.

Interested in a brand workshop? Complete the form at the foot of the page.

In a world of multiple channels and
digital fads and fashions, one thing hasn’t changed;
the need for a powerful, original, creative idea.

Our communication style has three common attributes; conviction, clarity and creativity.  


We believe in being brave and confident. You need to stand out; otherwise, you are wasting your money.



Less is more. Our ideas are a distillation of a complex message. Yet they are expressed simply and with clarity so the message is perfectly understood.

When you are bombarded with thousands of messages a day, an original creative idea has the power to cut through and get your message across.

what we do

who we are

Ian Wright,
Managing Partner

Ian is a very experienced business leader. His approach to business is to combine creativity and entrepreneurialism with sound commercial judgement. His many years working in Marketing have resulted in an in-depth knowledge & understanding of many business sectors. His career has seen him work with the private and public sectors, political organisations, charities, start-ups and international businesses.

Me in Dundee_edited.jpg
David Isaac,
Creative Partner

David has over 25 years experience in marketing, 15 of those years as Creative Director. 


He’s worked in all kinds of agencies on all the media channels; from tv and posters, to press, DM, POS, digital and social. 


David started his early career in London at Ted Bates, Y&R, Yellowhammer and Grey Integrated.


Kevin Bird,
Creative Partner

Kevin is an experienced professional who has worked in the world of marketing and communications for over 25 years. He also worked as a miner for over 5 years in a previous life, so knows all about ‘getting his hands dirty’.


A marketing career that began in TV, posters and print, now stretches across all the media channels including DM, POS digital and social.

who we are

Family gave us a very clear understanding of our brand and how we position ourselves. ‘We do what’s right’ is much more than a campaign line – it’s a fundamental part of how we do business."

Colin Graham, Partner and Chairman, Thorntons

Family is a founding Member of Tribe Global.


We're Tribe Global, a growing network of successful, independent, owner-run communications agencies and business partners.  With 42 Member agencies and business Partners in 73 cities across Europe, North and Latin America, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. we combine the scale of a network with a spirit of strategic and creative independence.  At Tribe Global we have one very unique thing in common - we're all different. This is captured by our mantra of One Tribe. Many Vibes which is a celebration of our differences and the uniqueness of our people and agencies.  We work together not because we have to, but because we want to.
It's what makes us One Tribe.  It's what makes us Tribe Global.

Workshop Enquiry Form
Does your brand lack definition?
Does your brand need refreshing or renaming?
Do your people - and your customers - know what your brand stands for?

A brand workshop with Family will uncover all you need to know about your brand. Enlightening, revealing, uplifting and rewarding,
our brand workshops are a proven success.
If you want to find out more about your brand, complete the form and we'll get back to you straight away.


Thank you for submitting. We'll be in touch soon.

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